In the village (2,7 km) you will find a grocery store, postoffice, banks (but no cash machine, nearest ATM is on the mainland Åland). Summertime there is a café/kiosk open at the marina and a few steps away also restaurant Kastören. Kumlinge has also got a tenniscourt, a gym and nature trails. There is one nature trail on the main island, between the marina and the church. Seglinge has three more nature trails. If you are interested in orientation there are maps at the municipal office. Hälsobanken offers zone therapy and homeopathy. In case of illness there is a public health nurse on call, day and night during the summer.

Places to visit on Kumlinge

The most visited attraction is the Saint Anna church from the 14th century. The church has a great historical value especially for the well preserved frescos. Many visitors have returned to the church to get married. The church is very beautiful!

Hermas Museum from the 16th century includes about 20 buildings. The last resident was the fisherman Sven Karlsson, he lived there until he passed away in 1973. Director Ulrika Bengts has made parts of the movie Iris here.

Flygfyren (lentomajakka) byggdes omkring 1937 för nattpostflyget mellan Helsingfors och Stockholm den ligger på Kasberget 1 km väster om Kumlinge flygfält, endast 1,5 km från Nordbergs stugor.

Next to the pharmacy you will find the Memorial stone of Kumlingeslaget (The battle of Kumlinge). The residents of Kumlinge wanted to raise a memorial stone in 1908 as a 100 years celebration of the victory from the battle. The Russian government wouldn’t allow it but in 1920, after Finlands independence, the Memorial stone was raised on Fälberget.

Sjölunds Museum is located in Kumlinge Kulturcentrum and includes instruments, gear and other subjects that has been used since the beginning of the 20th century.

Kumlinge Pharmacy still operates in the same building since it first started in 1935 and it is the only pharmacy in the archipelago of Aland, worth a visit!